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A Great Thank You Speech = Visibility, Credibility and Profitability

Liz Goodgold: Speaker, Trainer, Coach

A thank you speech boosts your business, influence, and impact. However, most recipients of an award never stop to consider what to say or how to say it…until now. Speaking expert Liz Goodgold explains why the right thank you speech is your secret to more credibility, visibility, and profitability.

Liz is a ball of fire, an adrenaline injection in your staff and a wise brand adviser all in one. If you have not yet hired Liz for your company, you are missing out. I know I did, to the delight of our stakeholders. Helene BlanchetteMy Jane, LLC

Before Liz, I thought I was a good enough public speaker. Now, I know the difference, and know how to be gooder … maybe even as good as gold. If you have the chance to work with Liz – do it!Jeff SalingExecutive director and co-founder of StartUpNV, Nevada’s only statewide business incubator

Liz was well worth the investment as she not only gave me incredibly helpful strategies for audiobook narration, she reminded me to purchase the domain for my book title, and suggested I add a call-to-action at the end of the recording. I strongly recommend any opportunity to work with her.Joyce MarterLicensed Psychotherapist, CEO, National Public Speaker, Media Contributor, & Author

Introducing the Complete Guide to Delivering Your Best Thank You Speech

Perhaps you’ve heard that for a short thank you speech you should just thank a few folks and show gratitude. Wrong! Even with a 2-minute speech, you should own the stage, shake up the crowd, and create an unforgettable experience. The best thank you speech takes your audience from a soporific slumber into an engaged and energetic crowd.

What’s Inside the Best Thank You Speech Workbook?

This book is chock-a-block filled with good thank you speech examples, worksheets, questionnaires, and links to videos showing you exactly what makes or breaks a thank you speech for an award.
You master it once and use it for your lifetime.

Magic Formula Template – This template walks you through how to outline your thank you speech in one easy-to-follow 5-step formula. There are thank you speech examples of good openings, closings, and heartfelt emotion.

Videos of Good Thank You Speeches – Throughout the workbook, there are hotlinks to videos plus an analysis as to why it is a good or poor example of an appreciation speech. Examples range from business to sports to Hollywood to TED Talks to Nobel Peace Prize winners.

Award Questionnaire – Often overlooked, these questions prompt you to answer questions about you, your goals, and the awarding organization. Most importantly, it ensures you’re 100% prepared to give your thank you speech.

Event Questionnaire – Ask the organizer these questions so that you understand all of the details and logistics about the event, the venue, the audience, timing, goals, and more!

“When it comes to mentoring, you are awesome!”

Ashiss Dash, SVP and Segment Head at Infosys

World Economic Forum Speaker

Michelle Bergquist awards Liz the Eleanor Roosevelt Hero Award for her dedication and commitment to improving and inspiring the lives of business women.

Guidelines for Writing Your Verbal Introduction – Before you accept your award, undoubtedly someone will introduce you. BUT, what will they say? This special section shows you step-by-step what to write so that the audience pops open its ears to hear your words of gratitude.

21 Deadly Sins of Thank You Speeches – The first words out of your mouth shouldn’t be “thank you.” Avoid the common pitfalls of others to instead deliver the best thank you speech ever!

Storytelling Worksheet – I’ve often said that data strays, but stories stay; they drive the point home. Too often award winners struggle with how to tell and sell the story. This handy worksheet guides you down the correct story-laden path to a successful thank you speech.

Storytelling Checklist – To ensure you’ve covered each important aspect of a great story, this is your handy checklist.

Guidelines for Writing Your Verbal Introduction – Before you accept your award, undoubtedly someone will introduce you. BUT, what will they say? This special section shows you step-by-step what to write so that the audience pops open its ears to hear your words of gratitude.

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Meet Liz

Liz Goodgold is a speaker, trainer, and coach who has worked with over 14,000 employees and entrepreneurs to brand better and speak “gooder.” A former brand manager at Quaker Oats, she translates complicated strategies for big companies into winning tactics for small businesses.

This fiery redhead has authored 3 books, written 2 columns for Entrepreneur, and broadcast her blog, “Words of Lizdom” for 22 years! Quick with a quip, Liz dishes the dirt on celebrity branding on 2 television shows, was a finalist judge for Simon Cowell, and is a frequent guest on TV.

Liz is in an exclusive relationship with coffee.

“Liz is a breath of fresh air and at the exact same time the kick in the pants you needed!! The wealth of knowledge she so easily shares and her ability to paint a picture of possibilities through words is magic and myself and entire community benefited from her time and presence. Liz Goodgold truly has a heart of GOLD and full passion. Highly Recommend her!!”Cameron BannisterCEO | Co-Founder of FreeByrd

I had been speaking for 18 years and in the process of reinventing myself, but I was stuck! That’s when I met Liz. She guided me through some specific coaching techniques that got me clear, and helped me create a KILLER One Sheet that got me booked immediately. Best of all, now I have the skills to continue to develop my brand and marketing content. Liz is the best in the Biz. Don’t miss a change to work with Liz!!!Bob DietrichEntrepreneur and Co-Founder of BrainWorx Inc.

Thanks so much for your expertise, insights, and way with words!!!Sarita MaybinMotivational Speaker, Virtual Keynote Speaker, Communication Expert, Author | TEDx Speaker

You are inspiring Liz. Period! Thank you for your insights and contributions and excellence always!! Angela Bigotti ChavezPartner, Van Woert Bigotti Architects

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