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Liz Goodgold

Liz Goodgold is a speaker, trainer, and coach who has worked with over 14,000 employees and entrepreneurs to brand better and speak “gooder.”

Meet Liz

A Speaking Coach with Cred

Having delivered over 348 presentations in the last 5 years, Liz knows what works and what doesn’t. She’s experienced the joy of falling off a stage, walking out of her shoe, a microphone exploding into fire, snow falling on her head, and an earthquake erupting during one of her talks!

Liz’s Words of Lizdom Add Passion & Power to Client’s Speeches

A certified “word girl,” Liz’s flair for language adds power and passion to clients’ speeches. She’s coached clients delivering talks for the World Economic Forum to accepting the industry’s highest award to working with leaders who want to inspire their employees.

Three Time Author

This fiery redhead is the author of three books: How to Speak Gooder, Red Fire Branding, and DUH! Marketing. She is also the former branding columnist for Entrepreneur magazine. Quick with a quip, Liz dishes the dirt on celebrity branding on 2 television shows, was a finalist judge for Simon Cowell, and is a frequent guest on TV.

How to Speak Gooder is a rapid-fire plan for what works in today’s techno-centric and multi-tasking world. Liz dishes the dirt on delivering presentations that entertain and inform. 

How do you create a hot personal brand and have customers for life? What is the key to making your brand synonymous with success? ‘Red Fire Branding’ focuses on how to implement branding techniques to make your brand sizzle and your name unforgettable.

DUH! MARKETING offers a humorous jaunt through the advertising and marketing jungle and is guaranteed to get you to chuckle or gasp over positively on-point or miserably off-target marketing efforts by some of the most recognized companies worldwide.

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