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3 Paths to Your BEST
Thank You Speech

Choose from one of the great packages below to get started today!

Option #1: Basic Plan
Do-It-Yourself with Liz’s Workbook!

Here is the award-winning formula conveniently packaged so that you carefully craft your talk. You master it once and use it for your lifetime. The package features templates, questionnaires, videos, and a book to guide you every step of the way.

Magic Formula Template – Here is the template that walks you through how to outline your acceptance speech. Most importantly, it’s chock-a-block filled with tons of examples from business leaders, sports icons, Hollywood celebrities, and politicians.

Award Self-Questionnaire – Often overlooked, these questions prompt you to ask the hard questions about you, your achievement, and the awarding organization.

Event Questionnaire – Ask the organizer these questions so that you meet the timing, goals, and audience expectations.

20 Deadly Sins of Acceptance Speeches – Avoid the common pitfalls of others and instead deliver the best acceptance speech ever!

How to Write Your Verbal Intro in 7 Easy Steps – Your introduction sets up the audience to receive and appreciate you! It is NOT your bio, but a specifically written piece of copy about you.

Storytelling Worksheet – I’ve often said that data strays, but stories stay; they drive the point home. Too often, however, award winners struggle with how to tell and sell the story. This handy worksheet guides you down the correct story-laden path.

Storytelling Checklist – Before you consider your story complete, compare it against this checklist to ensure it works.

Option #2: Hybrid Plan
You Write the Speech and Liz Coaches You!

$297 $197

With the Hybrid Plan, you get:

Magic Formula Template

Award Self-Questionnaire

Event Questionnaire

20 Deadly Sins of Acceptance Speeches

How to Write Your Verbal Intro in 7 Easy Steps

Storytelling Worksheet

Storytelling Checklist


One 60 minute PRIVATE Coaching Session – This is your opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and practice your talk. Scheduled at your convenience, each Zoom or phone call is approximately 60 minutes each, and includes a video recording of the session you can download and watch over and over again!

Option #3: Good As Gold!
Liz Writes Your Thank You Speech!

Forget the frustration and let Liz do it!

Sometimes, the right answer is not to “teach a man to fish,” but to simply serve him a fish dinner. If this is your mentality, then you’ll love this “delegate it” option.

If you’re short on time, have a hard time organizing your thoughts, or just can’t seem to find the right words to express gratitude, humility, and humor, this is the program for you.How the package works:

You schedule a meaty phone or Zoom session with Liz in which you describe:

  • Your Goals
  • Time Allotment
  • The Organization
  • The Award
  • Audience
  • Personal Story

AND more!

Then, Liz creates an acceptance speech for your approval up to 10 minutes long. And, of course, you also get TWO practice sessions to ensure it feels good, comfortable, and just like you.

Limited Time Offer!$297

Get the workbook, personal coaching with Liz and more!